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what is printpace?

Printpace is an advanced print estimate system extended to MIS. It is specially designed to serve print professionals. This is a cloud based MIS (SAAS) which offers monthly subscription.

does printpace come in other languages?

Printpace uses English as its mother tongue but can be translated in any language. It has inbuilt translation module where you add a new language easily and translate the whole application in your words.

what type of payment do you accept?

Almost all online payment methods are accepted. Visa or Master cards, Paypal and Direct bank transfer. Payments through bank portal can be done by Indian banks only.

do you have per user price?

Yes, we charge per user except customized plan where a lump sum amount is charged for unlimited users.

how long does Printpace take to set up?

Printpace is loaded with many pre-defined settings which require a lot of time to be done. So for basic setup, it might take only couple of hours. Inventory, products, accounts etc. can be added on going base. Our experts can help in your setup and migration process for a minimal fee.

is there free trial?

Yes, you can enjoy a free trial for 14 days. To maintain serious traffic on website, we need your credit card to start with but we won't charge you till you decide to go with a paid plan.

is there a minimum contract period?

No, your subscription is on a monthly or yearly basis so you have choice to quit or continue any time.

is Printpace browser based?

Yes. Almost all browsers are supported however Printpace has been tested on Google Chrome very well.

can I use Printpace on devices other than my computer?

Yes you can use it on any devices with some limitations. We recommend to use it on PC to get the best. Note: Only one device is allowed to be logged in at the time. If you would like to log in from other device, you will have to log out from other device which is already logged in.

do you offer training?

Almost all basic training is available through our help section. An advanced training can be arranged for extra charges.

how secure and reliable is my Printpace?

Printpace runs on a secure platform with a high level of encryption. Everything on printpace account is safe, secure and password protected. We care about your data and work hard to protect it.

does Printpace help small printing presses?

Printpace is designed in a such ways that everyone can utilize it as much as required. We believe in expansion and that’s why once you planned to grow, you will find Printpace ready with lots of options. Some features are also covered in separate plans, please select your plan carefully with no worries. You can change it any time.

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